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Preparing your tax return is getting more complicated each year. Nearly everyone needs some assistance these days. At BCS, we realize that there are several ways to get assistance. If you choose BCS, we promise to assist you in realizing every possible deduction you deserve, to make your tax liability as low as legally possible and to make sure you are compliant with IRS and State regulations in every way.

Please use our Tax Return Checklist for 2019 as your guide in preparing to send us your information. When you are ready, please send your information in one of the four ways listed on the Contact Us page.

Tax Return Checklist for 2019

All services are personalized and training is available for anyone who would like assistance instead of a complete return.

For Advice and/or a Free Consultation regarding your tax situation, please Contact Us.

Deduction Reminders:

Mileage- Please note that mileage for W2 employees is no longer a deduction. People who are self-employed may still deduct mileage but a mileage log must be submitted. The current rate is $0.58 per mile. Send us your mileage log or use our Mileage Form. For more information, visit the 2019 Standard Mileage Rates.

Job Related Expenses are no longer deductible as a result of the 2017 Tax Reform.

Child Care- You need the name of the Provider, their EIN, and address. You need to list the amounts paid for the year per each child.

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